Health and fitness app: Full features with Windows 8.1 in Nokia Icon

Nokia Icon's OS  was recently upgraded to version 8.1 from 8.0. This resulted in the Health and Fitness app having all its features enabled. With OS 8.0 Machine Data was not supported.

You can see Motion Data item in the Settings page here:

The Health and Fitness app requires a minimum charge of around 40% to produce correct  readings from its GPS. Here are some comparisons of the app before and after OS upgrade. All screen shots are for the same track but on different dates.

With 8.0. Notice no step information. Also notice GPS is smoother and measures lower values.

Windows 8.1 was rolled out sometime today or yesterday. Higher reading for slightly lower duration. Charge on battery before starting 38%

One more measurement this time at 97% charge at start.

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