Selecting in a List using WinJS 4.0 Preview

List is a great way to show all the items you have and often you want to give the user the opportunity to Select one, multiple items using mouse/keyboard or touch on Windows 8.1 OS, or providing a control to place check marks for selection.

Here is a selection of code from WinJS namespace:
WinJS.Namespace.define("Sample.ListView", {
    modes: {
        readonly: {
            name: 'readonly',
            selectionMode: WinJS.UI.SelectionMode.none,
            tapBehavior: WinJS.UI.TapBehavior.none
        single: {
            name: 'single',
            selectionMode: WinJS.UI.SelectionMode.single,
            tapBehavior: WinJS.UI.TapBehavior.directSelect
        extended: {
            name: 'extended',
            selectionMode: WinJS.UI.SelectionMode.multi,
            tapBehavior: WinJS.UI.TapBehavior.directSelect
        multi: {
            name: 'multi',
            selectionMode: WinJS.UI.SelectionMode.multi,
            tapBehavior: WinJS.UI.TapBehavior.toggleSelect

Now all these are possible using WinJS4.0 Preview now. Here is a pictorial refresher from the WinJS Playground.

Read only - none Read Only

Single Only one can be selected

Extended Using Control and Shift (touch, mouse, keyboard)

 Multi - Selection using check boxes


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