Google launches two new phones today

The two phones are manufactured by two different companies but both use the Android Marshmallow OS (Android 6.0).

  • Nexus 6P form Huawei ($499)

  • Nexus 5X from LG ($349)

Pictures: Copied from Google site.

The main thing is that Android OS has captured the Mobile OS market (phones tablets) and Microsoft Windows 10 has to strive very hard to get there.
The new phones have Android Pay (payment technology) with improved privacy and power saving capabilities. Hey! There is a new personal assistant as well, the Google Now on Tap.

New feature round up:
  • Finger print sensor (aka Nexus Imprint); not in the front but on the back
  • Cameras: 12.3 Pixel for back facing, for front-facing (5x has 5MP and 6S has 8 MP)
  • Processor: 65-bit QUALCOMM
  • New input: USB Type-C input for charging and data (new cables! may be)
  • Service provider: Project FI wireless service
  • Body and display: 6P aluminum and 5.7" and  5X Plastic(?) and 5.2"

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