September 25 visit to Apple Store at Kahala Mall

New Apple phones went on sale today at the Apple store in Kahala Mall in Honolulu (there are two Apple Stores in Honolulu). I went there a little after 1:00 p.m. The crowd was not more than what is normal for this store. Sales assistants told me there was a crowd in the morning. As most of the people pre-registered there was no queue to buy.

Phones looked real good. I took some pictures using the main camera and sent them to my email address using the phone. They never reached me. Pictures looked gorgeous and with very good resolution.

I checked out the 3D touch. It's OK and perhaps a little too tough to copy by copy cats but they will find a way. You can set up the camera to take selfies but you need to activate the 'flash' icon before you do. Do not press the camera button too much; it takes a very soft tap to activate the flash. You can feel the flash and the picture get saved. I tried out a couple of loaded apps they all worked faultlessly.

 Here are two shots taken at the store. A bunch of curious people were looking at the cameras:

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