Develop a Side Menu App using Intel XDK - Part 4

In the Previous post (also read Note 2 at the bottom) we used the designer to link the items on the Side bar menu to display the linked pages on the display. We also noticed that after going to Favorites from Home, there was no way to return to Home.

In this post we will be adding a Back Button to the Favorites page so that when we click on it we return to the Home page. If this succeeds we do the same for Messages and Profile pages.

If you find only page#mainpage, add three more pages named, 'FAVORITES', 'MESSAGES' and 'PROFILE'.

Bring up the Favorites page by clicking on page#Favorites in the Pages menu as shown.


We take off the text 'FAVORITES'. The page now appears as shown. It is empty now.


Now we add a header to this page. Header is in the Layout group as shown.


Click on Header in LAYOUT and drag it out to the page#Favorites as shown. You will see some color changes as shown.


When you drop it on the page, it changes to this as shown.

The HTML fragment is this:


Double click the header (the blue rectangle) to reveal the properties as shown:


Make the following changes:
  • Place check mark for Title and Back Button.
  • For title write in 'FAVORITES'
Now the page appears as shown with the header modified as above.

The header's HTML fragment is now:


In emulation the FAVORITES page appears as shown.


Click on Back and the link for this button takes you to the following:


For the other pages do the same adding a 'header' and modifying the properties.

Now you have successfully modified the template to a working app.

Note 1: The page loading is quite times sluggish and make sure you have reloaded before you add a control of any kind.
Note 2: A new build was downloaded 2807 and this post is using the above build.

Part 5 here:

This next part (Part 6) is all about placing images and text formatting:
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