It is the Wireless headphone to debut next

The new iPhone7 may debut the wireless EarPod, the much awaited wireless earphone. It is about cutting the cord and I love it. I love to get away from then tangle of wires, even with the best of arrangements to keep them neat and compact. One thing less in the complexity is highly welcome.

Wireless earphones are there already (Erato Audio and Rowkin Mini) according to what you can read here.

How do the iPhone connects to Earpod? It appears Bluetooth technology will be used. when not listening they can be used for other activities like answering voice calls and many more. It is not far fetched to see SIRI coming into the picture as well.

In summary, it is more than a wireless headphone, it is more an integrated peripheral for the phone. Does it take away energy from the battery, probably it does, and how much is going to what matters in terms of battery usability before recharging.

As for me even the best of the headphones are not good enough if the buds do not sit correctly, comfortably and unnoticeable in your ears.
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