Intel XDK ImageGallery widget uses galleria.js

If you did enjoy the previous post on using the ImageGallery widget in Intel XDK you must have realized that it uses the script file from Galleria (

If you want to build apps based on Galleria you have to download Galleria, presently in version 1.4.7 from Galleria site ( It is always better if you can get away from widgets as they may not have a definite support time line. At sometime the developer of the widget may move on to other interests or may not be supported. Galleria appears to be very popular if you go by it's 2.5 million downloads so far.

The Galleria version 1.4.7 will have all of these in the free download (under MIT license). The basic version is free.

You get more if you can spend some money in the premium version. If you are interested go the Galleria site.

In the download you find this file: galleria-1.4.5.js

Which you should reference in your web page, if you want to build pages with galleria.

The galleria download will have the following content:

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