Nice editor to have on your phone

If you want to run any of HTML,CSS and JavaScript this program is the one you should have. jsFiddle is a nice editor for running your web page and checking out each of: HTML fragment; CSS rule or the Script.

More details with examples are here:

You can access this site to bring up the online editor on your phone as shown. This one is on a Micrsoft Lumia 950.

Here is the ‏editor when accessed with my phone.

The next one is the same as above but enlarged with inkscape.

I just entered some simple HTML fragment in the top left pane marked as HTML. Then I hit the Run button at the top and I immediately I see the response in the fourth quadrant marked as Result.

The first quadrant for CSS Rules; the second for HTML and the third for JavaScript. You can enter the various parts and hit the run button to see the result in the last quadrant.
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