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I hope you do know about POWER BI. This is a Microsoft product that helps you to carry out Business Intelligence. If you have not. Read these reader friendly focused articles:




Microsoft has released Power BI Mobile app. With this you can carry out enterprise grade business monitoring and a host of other activities.

 In this post I describe how you install it on your desktop and it is very similar to how you may do it on your handheld or other options.  First of all, you need to get the app on your device,

Go here first:

Enter your email address and you will get a link in your email inbox with subject line 'PowerBI on your mobile device'.


You can download it for iOS, Android and Windows OS.

The App with this version (Version number: 32.60831.11820.0) appears to have good rating.


These are the features presently addressed in the version:
It is available for PC, mobile, Hub and Holographic.

  • Access your data using Power BI dashboards and reports - anywhere, anytime.
  • Collaborate with colleagues over insights by sharing snapshots, dashboards and reports.
  • Add annotations to your dashboards when presenting or sharing data
  • Explore your data by filtering, sorting and highlighting your live reports
Downloading the app

For a PC go to Windows Store and search for Power BI Mobile and download app to the desktop. For iOS and Android you can get the APP from Apple Store and Google Play.

Power BI Mobile app on PC

Here are screen shots from starting with  Power BI Mobile

Looks like this app can also be used for accessing business related reports on your Report Server if you have set up one.

You need to have an email address. I connected with the email address I provided for my Office 365 subscription. Microsoft emails need strong passwords, like the ones used in subscribing to Azure Cloud. Once your authentication  passes test, you get this.

You can click Start exploring... now

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