Mobile Game Development Made Easy

If you are a game developer, I suppose you may not even read this post. Unity is a multi-platform, 2D/3D game development engine and you can learn about it here (

It is supported on most platforms and a leader in game development. With just one click you can deploy to:
  • Mobile - iOS, Android, Windows and Tizen
  • VR
  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Console and 
  • TV platforms.

Here are the platforms to which you can deploy the games.


If you are developing for the mobile area it has lots of built-in stuff:
  • One-click deployment to Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Tizen.
  • Tons of optimizations thanks to features like occlusion culling, asset bundling, and build size stripping.
  • World class monetization and retention services for mobile games.
  • Dedicated, easy to use 3D and 2D tools and workflows.
Unity for VR and AR is already garnering from most vendors shown here:


You can develop very immersive and entertaining games for the desktop be it Windows, Mac or Linus/StreamOS


If you have game console such as XBOX, PS4, Wii and 3DS they are covered too:


I have a Samsung TV can I deploy? of course you can. Unity supports these Smart TVs as well:
Android TV
Samsung TV
Apple TV


Now what about Web?

Of course you can target the Web and it has already been used commercially.


Hay! What are you waiting for? Download.

Why fret?
Download the free stuff
Just to get your feet wet

Don't huff and huff!

Get the free stuff here:

If you like it and if you can work with it, go and get the professional.
If you are going to work with Microsoft's latest, Hololens, also get the Visual Studio 2015 Community. It is already integrated to work with Hololens and you can get your Unity projects into it.

Let us Game!

Source: Pictures and some language from Unity site.
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