Intel XDK Version Upgrade

If you are working with Version 2893 then it is time that you upgrade to version 3088.

The new version is:
Intel® XDK - Release - 2016 March 23 v3088

This is a significant version as versions prior to this will no longer use the the following:

  • Build Tab
  • Test Tab
  • App Preview
The Intel XDK's build system has been improved to take in Security and Performance improvements.
Projects created in earlier versions need to be upgraded when you try to open in the version. Here is a sample of what happens when you try to open a project built in version 2893 in version 3088.

There are more items addressed in this version.

There is a new Publish tab that assists in creating application publishing assets and information. It also helps in uploading materials to app stores.

Review the following for projects created with earlier version:
Part 1:Creating a Intel XDK project using a template; SideMenu project UI, SideMenu on iPhone6 emulator

Part 2: Review of Controls and Layout as well as working with Pages. Pages in a SideMenu

Part 3: Linking the pages and Navigation

Part 4: Adding the BACK button to return to the previous page.

Part 5: Adding pages and organizing controls  to the project
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