Using a relational database with

In a previous post creating a back-end NoSQL database on the platform was described. Herein attempting to connect to a SQL Server 2012 is described.

It is quite straight forward connecting to a relational database.

Here is the procedure described on the site:

Login to the site and click on API Express tab.


The API Express page opens as shown.


In this case we just make a connection to SQL Server 2012. Make sure you have started SQL Server from Windows Services panel.

Click Create new DB connection.
The New connection page is displayed.


Provide a Name and click Create. It looks like you can also connect to a backup.
Page related to the connection name you provided opens (herein SQL2k12).


Fill in all the fields needed to make connection.

Connection name: SQL2k12
Connection type: Relational database (the other option is database)
Database type: SQL Server
Host: Hodentek\RegencyPark
Port: 1433 (default)
Database name: Northwind
database schema: dbo
Pool Settings:  accept defaults

Click Test.

Connection fails with the message credentials not accepted. However the SQL Server is running and the authentication information is correct.

Although is supposed to connect to SQL Server, it appears the support for named instance is in the works at this point. However, it can connect to an Azure SQL Database and other relational databases such as MySQL. While conneting to a database on the web appears to be straight forward, connecting to a database server behind a router requires (local Network)  tweaking of the connectivity to the Internet.

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