Web page static elements using R Studio

We have seen that R Studio can be used to create Web Page using the 'Shiny' package. One of the first things to do is to create web content in HTML that can be rendered n a browser.

You can use a HTML wrapper function or use the individual wrapper functions of the various tags in formatting a web page. In most of the examples you can directly copy the code and paste it into the R studio console.

Here is an example of how you may wrap with HTML:

ui <-fluidpage br="">  HTML("


server <-function br="" input="" output="">
shinyApp(ui=ui, server=server)

This is how it gets rendered.


In the following there are few more tags that are frequently used. I will try to get all of them in future posts.

Here are the tags a, h1 and br.


ui <-fluidpage b="">a
                      "Hodentek SQL Server Blog"))
server <-function br="" input="" output="">
shinyApp(ui=ui, server=server)


Here are the tags h1 through h6, em and p:

ui <-fluidpage br=""> h1("First Level"),
  h2("Second Level"),
  h3("Third Level"),
  h4("Fourth Level"),
  h5("Fifth Level"),
h6("Sixth Level"), p("some text"),em("italicized")
server <-function br="" input="" output="">shinyApp(ui=ui, server=server)

The rendered page is as shown:


Look forward more of R Studio stuff here or 

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