Start developing with Bootstrap Framework and Intel XDK - 1

Bootstrap, the most popular framework is a free front-end framework for everything in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Web development will be faster and easier with Bootstrap. Bootstrap has design templates with buttons, forms, typography, and more. Moreover, it supports responsive web design, designs that automatically adjusts to the devices from smart phones to desktops.

It is,
Easy to use
Has responsive features
Wide browser compatibility

Intel XDK has built-in support for Bootstrap Framework.


For example in a Standard HTML5 project with Bootstrap Framework chosen, placing a 'button' widget on a page adds the following HTML fragment to the page.


You can download Bootstrap from here and choose the option to download as shown:


You could also link reference Bootstrap from the following CDNs:

Sorry, I can only use images of HTML fragments on the blogger as it does not support 'Pre' tags correctly.

Of course there are many other ways ot using Bootstrap refer ot the link dhsown ealrier.

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