Using Bootstrap Framework in Intel XDK - 2

Start an HTML Standard project with the option to use the App Designer. Give a name to the project, a project with your chosen name is created. The first thing that comes up is the choice to use the type of designer. Of the several existing options most will be deprecated in future version of Intel XDK. Presently Twitter Bootstrap v3 is still supported fully. The latest version of Bootstrap is 3.3.7 and you can download as described in my previous post.

Creating a project like above is not enough to bring in Bootstrap related js and css references that are needed for developing Bootstrap based apps.

Here is what you get in terms of project folders/files by default:


You need to place at least one UI element to the project to include these files as shown for a similar project on which a 'button' from the designer was dragged and dropped. Here are the project files/folders.


After making the above preparation you will be able to use the  Bootstrap JS and CSS codes. Now you are ready to use.

I removed the button after placing it, the references stayed.

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